Verbal Paint

Invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself is very important.

Sometimes we lose sight of the need to constantly put time and money into ourselves. We will gladly spend time, money and effort on other people and things instead of ourselves. 

Think of it this way, if you purchase a car you will spend money on maintenance, fuel, maybe upgrade the sound system and the wheels of the car if you’re fancy. You will put in the time and money to get this car to run and look the way you want it to.

Another example is if you open a savings account, you look for one with the best interest And long term returns so your money increases. You would be a fool to want to save your coins under a mattress, yes your money will be safe but it won’t be growing or increasing.

I have spent the last few years neglecting myself. I had lost sight of the importance and need to invest in oneself. So how am I investing in myself you ask? I am spending time to learn about new skills. I want to be self employed but I know nothing about business. So I take time to read business articles and attend online webinars. Some of them free, some of them paid. I follow people on Facebook like Fungai Ndemera, who provide online nuggets of wisdom. I follow business gurus on YouTube.

I am a creative stuck in the corporate world temporarily. In fact my days there are numbered and I always tell myself that soon I will be working full time on what I enjoy the most. The responsibility of having to work, earn a living to pay bills and have some savings mean that I’ve had to neglect an area I am passionate about. 

So rather than complain about it I have put aside time in my busy schedule to go on workshops and learn jewellery making, leather and silver work which are all things I wanted to do for the longest time. It makes my days at work more bearable because on my days off, I get to spend time working on the creative side.

Someone asked me how I do it all. What many fail to realise is you make time for what matters and having neglected investing in myself for so long I realise how poor I had become…… Yes, I had become bankrupt.
It’s not being selfish or self centred to think of yourself sometimes. It makes you a better and well rounded person.

Someone raised you, they put time and money in you. They made sure you were fed, warm and watered with a roof over your head. They made sure you were bought up with good manners and were educated. They made sure you went to school. They made sure you knew your culture and had a good foundation of faith. They invested in you so you could be a valuable member of society. Why should that stop now that you’re an independent adult? Continue enhancing and building on that foundation that was laid from the day you were born. 

You don’t have to go and learn new skills like me, maybe you can start with the small things. Getting your nails done, a new hairstyle maybe a holiday or a new pair of shoes. Read a book or maybe learn a new language. If you’re a bad cook, learn how to cook. There are lots of free resources like YouTube, blogs and podcasts.

If it makes you feel better, look better and adds value to your life or a sense of achievement then it counts. In the long run this could increase your confidence and push you to achieve things you never thought you could. It could broaden your horizon and lead to bigger things. All because you made one small deposit into your life.

I live by the mantra that I don’t want my grave to be a rich grave. I want to die having deposited all my wealth into this world. I can only do this by investing in myself now, so that once day i can invest in others. So I can share my nuggets of wisdom. 

A farmer spends years learning his craft. When he eventually plants his knowledge into the ground, he doesn’t sow seed and hope for the best. He spends time preparing the ground to make sure it is fertile allowing the seed a better chance to flourish. He makes sure the time is right to plant. Every day he tends to his crop until it is ripe so he can have a bumper harvest. He gets his bumper harvest which gives him satisfaction but his successful yield means a number of people also gain from his investment but in a different way. 

How you ask? The mills will have grain to mill. Supermarkets will have grain and other products derived from that harvest to sell. Restaurant owners will have a product to cook and sell. You and I, well we’ll have food on our tables. This food will nourish us and give us strength. All because of that farmer who invested in himself and a seed. 

When you invest in yourself, it’s just not about you in the long run. Someone else further along the line will benefit from you taking that small step to tend to your self until such a time you reap a bumper harvest.
Spend a little or a lot on yourself today and see where it gets you tomorrow.


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