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Vault Cosmetics UK Launch.

On Saturday the 28th of November from 2-8pm, the lovely Jackie Mgido launched Vault Cosmetics in the UK at Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Luton. The event was advertised on Instagram and Facebook. Tickets were free and Jackie also ran draws to open up the event to more people once tickets had run out.

We arrived at the hotel late afternoon about 4pm with the launch in full swing. There were stations in the middle of the room with makeup artists who were championing the Vault cause that night. All the girls were in Vault tee shirts and sporting beautiful faces of Vault makeup. There was a chance to try before you buy and any spend over £40 included a free makeover. Products were priced competitively ranging from £4 for a eye concealer, blush powders were £6.50, dual finish powders, brushes and eye palettes costing the most at £20. 

As you arrived you were handed a raffle ticket for the prize draws that were on throughout the night. My lucky sister won herself the full brush set. The atmosphere was upmarket and sophisticated with a great Dj working the decks. It was amazing to see so many beautiful African women spending their money on a sister owned brand. Jackie was truly humbled by the experience and got a bit emotional in her thank you speech. I loved that moment because it showed us that Jackie runs Vault with her heart and soul.

I would have loved to interview Jackie but everyone wanted a piece of her and she was swamped. True to her warm nature Jackie made sure she hugged and greeted everyone in the room as if we were close friends. My sister and I introduced ourselves and Jackie thanked us for coming. We didn’t stay until the end as we had a prior engagement but we made sure we bought a lot of goodies. I hope Jackie gets a UK stockist soon. 






Some of the gorgeous ladies and their hair.






Here is an Interview  I had with Jackie earlier on this year.

Vault cosmetics can be purchased online at

Locations in Zimbabwe:

Harare 51 Quorn Avenue Arundel Village Suite 25

Mount Pleasant Harare, Zimbabwe

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

Land line 04369145 mobile: 0775476859

Bulawayo Truworths.




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