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An Introduction to Winter Hair Care

If you’re in the northern hemisphere then you will notice the nights drawing in earlier and the days getting shorter as winter makes an appearance. Whilst some of us loathe the cold and dark days, some of us relish the lower temperatures, cold and windy days. Autumn and winter are my favourite times of the year. I love Christmas so these seasons mean the year is almost at an end and Christmas is round the corner. British Winters are notoriously cold and wet. Temperatures plummet and when it snows, the cold dry air is brutal to our hair. Quite unlike the hot, dry, humid and wet summers we experience here. 
Whilst we make many adjustments to our lifestyles with the seasons, a few of us forget the thing that matters the most which is our hair. Like everything else, your hair is affected by the seasonal changes. I notice my hair grows more in Winter and retains moisture better probably because I tend to care more for it in Winter. Other ladies will tell you they suffer breakage and stagnant growth when the temperatures lower. So when you ask these ladies how they deal with winter hair care many will tell you nothing or “I don’t know what to do.” I am always surprised when people say they do the same thing all year round. There is nothing wrong with this if your hair prefers these methods. But if your hair shows signs of stress in winter then your hair care regimen must be tailored accordingly.
So there are many ways that people can care for their hair in winter and different methods that can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. I will be sharing how I care for my own hair in winter as well as my weekly hairstyles and other previous styles.

 With my hair styling methods, I intend to share how I achieve these where appropriate so we can engage and begin the dialogue. 

For my hair care methods I will share what I do weekly and how I achieve good hair health in Winter.

 I will continue this in the summer when my hair regimen changes to suit the hot, dry and sometimes rainy weather we have. It doesn’t matter where in the World you are, my hope is that you can take something away from my methods of care and tailor these to suit your climate, lifestyle and hair needs.

So, is your hair care seasonal? 


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