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Coconut Care for your hair

Coconut Care is part of the Back to Basics Range. It is 100% certified organic coconut oil that has not been tested on animals. I decided to write a post on how I use Coconut Care.

How to use Coconut Care
Coconut Care comes in a 100ml bottle with a pump dispenser. You can use directly from the bottle or dispense into your Aphro Comb. In the UK with our weather Coconut oil will solidify unless our temperatures are in double figures. If solid, I always warm my Coconut Care before use. To liquify your Cocount Care place your bottle in a jug of hot water and leave for 5 minutes until melted. When melted proceed to use.


Detangling is the process of removing knots and tangles from your hair. Apply your melted Coconut Care to your hair from root to tip. Then carefully detangle with a comb or your fingers. This lubricates your strands and softens your hair. I prefer to finger detangle as it allows me to feel and remove the tangles with minimal breakage. Always detangle from tip to root.


Prepoo is the process of coating your hair with oil to prevent shampoo stripping your hair’s natural oils during washing. Shampoo can be very harsh and drying to our hair. I hardly shampoo my hair and when I do so, I prepoo. Cover your strands with Coconut Care and allow to sit in your hair for a few minutes before shampooing. It does sound similar to deep conditioning. The only difference is you prepoo on dry hair whereas deep conditioning can be done on wet or dry hair.

Hot oil treatment 

Coconut oil can be used for hot oil treatment. Coconut oil is made up of fatty acids which penetrate deep into the hair. I mix my Coconut Care (2 pumps) with other oils like extra virgin olive oil (2 tablespoons) , argan oil (1/2 a teaspoon), sunflower oil (1 tablespoon) and lavender oil (1/2 a teaspoon). I warm up this mix by decanting all the oils in my Aphro Comb which I place in a jug of boiled hot water for 5 mins. I apply the warm mix to clean and shampooed hair. I cover my hair with a plastic bag and tie a headscarf. I then allow this to sit in my hair for 30 minutes before rinsing and applying conditioner which I wash out. I proceed with my wash routine.

This leaves my hair shiny and smooth.

Deep Conditioning 

You can mix up your own deep conditioners with ingredients you already have. Here are some ideas.

Mix 1: Add your melted Coconut Care 1-2 pumps to some warm conditioner and apply to your hair.

Mix 2: Add the oils as mentioned in the hot oil treatment and mix with Greek yoghurt and honey. I normally use 3-5 tablespoons as my hair is bra strap length. For shorter hair use less, for longer hair use more. This is a protein treatment that you can do before braiding your hair, whilst you have hair and when your hair is colour treated.


Sealing your hair is the process of using an oil to trap or conserve moisture. You do this after washing your hair, apply a leave in conditioner then seal with your Coconut Care. Use sparingly as coconut oil can leave your hair greasy.

If you don’t like applying oils directly to your hair you can mix your Cocount Care in with your Shea Care and Castor Care. Empty your Shea Care into a bowl, add a few pumps of Coconut Care and Castor Care. Proceed to whip with a hand held blender until light and fluffy. Apply this to your hair as a moisturiser.

Purchase Here

Look out for Coconut Care uses for your body next week. 



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